Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $150

Recently, we researched the most affordable and high-quality vacuum cleaners under $150 currently available. To ensure we have made quality choices, we have checked out both professional and user reviews, manufacturer’s details, and more to create an informed article for our readers.

A quality vacuum cleaner will drastically improve the comfort of your home, and keep you from dealing with frustrating dust and dirt build up. We have put together information which will help you educate yourself about the many features that should inform your purchase. Check out our buyer’s guide and reviews below to find the vacuum cleaner under $150 that works best for your cleaning needs.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $150 – Things to Consider

Before deciding on the vacuum cleaner you want to invest in, consider these three important aspects of vacuum cleaner design. Every one of these design choices will be essential to your overall happiness with a product.

Ease of Use:

Even if your vacuum cleaner has all the features that help it stand apart from the competition, it will become highly frustrating to own if it is not easy to use. Everything from handle design to cord length contributes to this area. Additionally, the less bulky a model is, the easier it is to move around, and the more effectively you are able to get down into small crevices you would not be able to reach normally.

Innovative Features:

Beyond pure control, vacuum cleaners are primarily set apart due to their various innovative features. From the ability to keep moisture out, to self-wrapping/rewinding cords, most of these product design qualities are dedicated to keeping your vacuum running efficiently. Power gauges and filter-exchange indicator lights, for example, can help you keep your model maintained, allowing it to last for years to come. Also, those with allergies can be well served by products that have anti-allergen technology built in.

Common Innovative Features:

  • Anti-Allergen Technology
  • Cord Rewinding Technology
  • Power/Filter Indicator Lights
  • WindTunnel Technology


Most high-quality vacuum cleaner models come with different tools that help you clean more effectively. If you want to invest in a vacuum cleaner that can get into small crevices, or pick up pet hair with ease, you need the tools that will help you get the job done. Thankfully, the majority of the products we have reviewed have some sort of tool attachments. However, you can usually find other attachments and tools to purchase separately if you feel so inclined.

Additional Considerations:

  • Brand Name
  • Price Tag
  • Cord Length
  • Cleaning Surfaces Supported
  • Adjustability
  • Warranties

Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Our mid-range vacuum cleaner choice, the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) is fantastic for those seeking a luxury vacuum, that do not want to destroy their budget. Additionally, the 25’ power cord will keep you extremely mobile while using it.

Do you want a vacuum cleaner with a lightweight design? The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) weights under twenty pounds, which keeps the model easy to use. It can handle both bare floors and carpet cleaning thanks to its innovative design.

More than anything else, the suction abilities of a vacuum cleaner help to sell the product. For a model that is under $150, and has high-quality suction capabilities, the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) will serve you well.

Finally, the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) has pet hair cleaning tools right out of the package. If you have pets at your home, you will likely know how frustrating it can be to get into small crevices to clean up after them. With these tools, you will never have to spend hours cleaning up after your pets again.

 Features at a Glance 

● Excellent Suction Functioning
● 25’ Power Cord
● Great for Both Bare Floor and Carpet Cleaning
● Lightweight Design
● Easy to Use
● Pet Hair Cleaning Tools

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) may be one of the more expensive models on our list, but it has the features to make it well worth the investment. It also has a beautiful design, making it great for those who enjoy cleaning their home in style.

Do you have allergies? If so, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)’s anti-allergen complete seal technology will keep you from getting bothered every time you encounter a dusty corner, or when you have to empty the product after a cleaning session.

If you have been having issues with having to empty a vacuum cleaner over and over again, you will appreciate the high capacity of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E). Additionally, it has dust-away attachment tools that make it easy to get into every crevice in your home.

Finally, the lightweight design and swivel steering technology keep the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) easy to operate. To make your cleaning sessions enjoyable and laid back, this product is a great option.

 Features at a Glance 

● Lightweight Design
● Excellent Suction Functioning
● Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
● Swivel Steering
● Easy to Use
● High Capacity
● Dust-Away Attachment Tools

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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum – UH70210

 Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner, with HEPA Media Filtration, Lightweight and Corded, UH70120If you’re looking for a high-end model that provides innovative features, you will find a lot to love with the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum. It has a stylish modern design, and the features that will keep you cleaning with efficiency and ease. Additionally, it has a limited 2-year warranty, which helps to keep your investment in a vacuum cleaner easy to make.

The 27’ power cord gives the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum a lot of reach. Also, the model has cord rewind technology which allows you to skip the frustration of wrapping up the cord and dealing with kinks. Additionally, it has a system check indicator which keeps you aware of when your filter needs to be changed.

Do you have pets?

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum comes with pet hair cleaning tools that help you vacuum up their hair and dander more easily.

Finally, the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum has a 5-position adjustment feature that allows you to deal with a wide variety of surfaces. Unless you have a very strange home, this product can easily handle any floor cleaning job.

 Features at a Glance 

● 27’ Power Cord
● Limited 2-Year Warranty
● Headlight Addition
● Folding Handle
● Pet Hair Cleaning Tools
● Cord Rewind Technology
● System Check Indicator
● 5-Position Adjustment Feature

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Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – BH50010

 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010Another high-end model that provides innovative features to keep you cleaning with style and efficiency, the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a very attractive vacuum cleaner. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which helps make your investment worthwhile.

The low profile base of the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner allows it to fit under tight spaces, such as couches, counter edges, and more. Combine this with the WindTunnel technology built into the product, which allows you to clean effectively on both carpet and hardwood floors, and you have a vacuum that can handle many different cleaning jobs.

The edge cleaning bristles of the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner can remove dirt around the edges of objects you are vacuuming. If you have issues with getting rid of bits of dirt build up in your home, this feature will help you get the cleanliness you’ve been hoping for.

Finally, the fuel gauge technology and fantastically made handle keep your job easy when using the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. You will never run out of power unknowingly, or have issues maneuvering the vacuum thanks to these features.

 Features at a Glance 

● Low Profile Base
● 2-Year Warranty
● WindTunnel Technology
● Fuel Gauge Feature
● Edge Cleaning Bristles
● Fantastically Made Handle
● LINX Cordless Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System

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BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass – 9595 with Replacement Filter

The BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum is the cheapest model on our list, but that should not fool you into thinking it is in anyway lesser than the competition. While it may not have as beautiful as a design as other vacuum cleaners, it has the features to keep it worthy of your investment.

Thanks to the easy empty tank technology of the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum, you can get rid of waste without getting dirty or dusty. Additionally, the multi-level filtration system keeps it easy to avoid leakage in case of moisture build-up. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner becomes very durable.

Do you have carpeted stairs or upholstery that needs to be cleaned? The TurboBrush tool keeps you able to clean these areas with ease. While the design of the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum is somewhat bulky overall, this feature helps you clean with efficiency and finesse.

The cyclonic system is what helps tie this package together. It provides long-lasting, powerful suction capabilities that allow you to pick up dust and dirt that is extremely hard to locate.

 Features at a Glance 

● Easy Empty Tank Technology
● Cyclonic System
● TurboBrush Tool
● Lightweight Design
● Excellent Suction Functioning
● Multi-Level Filtration

Final Verdict

While every vacuum cleaner on our list provides fantastic support and cleaning features, the impressive Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner stands out as the best in the crowd.

The ease of use is perhaps the strongest selling point, as storage, emptying, and handling features of the product really put most of the competition to shame. Additionally, the many great technologies built into the vacuum cleaner, such as the WindTunnel tech and fuel gauge indicator keep you functioning efficiently at all times. Finally, the edge cleaning bristles make this vacuum cleaner one of the most thorough models for under $150.

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